Peak Rut Doe-N-Heat


Peak Rut

All-Season Buck Scent

Granulated Fish & Big Buck Scents

Our products are based on the understanding of animal behavior and the importance of the sense of smell

The Proof is in the Pictures

The Science of Attracting Big Bucks

Bring them close…Real Close!

Big Game Scents based on Science and Experience

The animals we hunt and fish for depend on their acute sense of smell for survival on a daily basis. Using their olfactory sense they locate food, avoid danger, mark their territory and find a mate. Weiser Outdoor Group has an extensive understanding of animal behavior and the effects of the olfactory sense in the animal’s life. This knowledge has lead to the development of the best animal scents available today.

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The Proof is in the Pictures

See the Science of Attracting Game Fish

Fish Scents based on Science and Experience

Fish use the sense of smell to locate food. Quick Catch Pro attracts bait fish and predator fish instantly and is the best fish scent on the market today

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Quick Catch Pro

Rodent Repellent to Protect Boats, Campers, RVs, Cottages or Camps

Advanced Wild Animal Control that’s Guaranteed to work …and it keeps rodents out!

University Tested

No Traps, No Poisons

No Foul Odors


Non-toxic Formulas

Natural Animal Repellent that’s 100% Safe & Effective

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Natures Defense

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