Monthly Archives: August 2017

Protect Your Toys, It’s time to Winterize!

As August winds down, we have our autumn checklists right around the corner.  As kids are going back to school, vacation season is ending, you’re starting to think about raking and mulching leaves, closing your pool and finally that brings us to your toys.  Maybe it's your RV, maybe it’s your cabin, maybe it’s your [...]

I repelled deer from my food plot and loved it

Weiser’s Nature’s Defense offers a product that let’s you get the most out of your food plots.  Are your food plots affected by deer?  Do you see deer eating your food plots as they mature?  Don’t let your hard work and preparation go to waste.  Skeptical? Here are some questions answered: Q: Why use Nature’s [...]

Quick Catch Pro: 3 Takeaways

Recently, we had a group of guided fisherman spend a day on Lake Erie with our Quick Catch Pro.  Quite literally, they walked away with coolers of fish within their allowable limits.  But did the use of Quick Catch Pro have any impact on that outcome? Here are some takeaways: 1. Perfect for Drifting The [...]