Quick Catch Pro

MacGyver and Bass Fishing

  Old Buddies and New Techniques -- Fishing with an old friend on a lake I’ve fished many times before My buddy, Joe, and I have put some serious time in fishing together over the past decade.  Having relocated to another state for work, our time together on the water is far and few between. [...]

Quick Catch Pro: 3 Takeaways

Recently, we had a group of guided fisherman spend a day on Lake Erie with our Quick Catch Pro.  Quite literally, they walked away with coolers of fish within their allowable limits.  But did the use of Quick Catch Pro have any impact on that outcome? Here are some takeaways: 1. Perfect for Drifting The [...]

5 Tips to Understanding the Way Fish Smell

Smelly baits, we all have that one friend who lets his chicken liver rot for eternity and tells you how they catch ‘em non-stop. A fish uses its sense of smell for several purposes -- not just eating.  Because of this, it is important to consider the purpose and the function of the sense [...]