Old Buddies and New Techniques — Fishing with an old friend on a lake I’ve fished many times before

My buddy, Joe, and I have put some serious time in fishing together over the past decade.  Having relocated to another state for work, our time together on the water is far and few between.  This past Labor Day Weekend, we finally got together to fish on our hometown lake.  We fell into the same, old rhythm – cracking more jokes than fish caught.

Backup to 2008, I had caught a 6.45 lb bass in this spot.  In 2010, I pulled in a 6.9 pounder, again in this exact location (pictured right).  This spot is mostly rock and sand, with some big boulders providing structure on the bottom.  Back in 2007, I took a massive branch that fell in my yard in a storm, tied a few cinder blocks to it, and dropped it strategically in this location in the middle of the night – oh, the things we do for fish.

Fast forward to this past Monday, Labor Day 2017.  Pictured left was the largest bass of the day for Joe and I.  However, earlier in the day, we had fished this area for about a half hour, switching techniques, but nothing was working.  

We then decided to get crafty with Weiser’s Quick Catch Pro freshwater fishing scent.  We essentially channeled our inner MacGyver and made a scent bag out of a towel, a zip tie, fishing line, and an empty gatorade bottle to mark the spot.  We tied the scent bag to the bottle, dropped it in our spot and moved on to fish another area while the scent dispersed.  In about an hour, we came back and we turned around what was heading towards a day with no fish on the one day we finally got to fish together again. We hooked into a couple 4-5 pound bass.  Furthermore, from reeling in the larger fish, I can tell you that it was so worked up that it fought like it was bigger than it was.



Quick Catch Pro provided us the opportunity to learn and more:

  • We bonded over a new fishing concept and it worked
  • When applying the Quick Catch Pro, target structure you know the fish prefer
  • We created a brand new memory to hold us over until the next time we can fish together
  • We maximized our time on the water together
  • The larger fish we caught on both finesse and noise-making lures

Pick yourself up some Quick Catch Pro right now and maximize the few days of fishing left in the summer.