When you store your boat or RV or close your cabin… rodents move in!

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Nature’s Defense Products Keep Them Out!

Natural animal repellent that’s 100% safe & effective

Nature’s Defense patent-pending formula is the most advanced and effective animal repellent available in the industry. 

Thirty years of research knowledge have been instrumental in the development and design of Nature’s Defense exclusive formulas. 

The Secret’s in the Granules

Monthly ORGANIC treatments are your SAFEST, MOST EFFECTIVE plan to keep commercial and residential buildings, landscaping and gardens, stored boats and RV’s, Hunting Cabins and Cottages critter-free year round.

Why Choose Nature’s Defense? 

Our MULTI-PATENTED SafeScent Technology triggers avoidance behavior in animals, naturally driving them away without harming them. 

NON-TOXIC FORMULAS No Harmful Chemicals 

Nature’s Defense manufactures a myriad of animal repellents from all-purpose to animal specific. For more information please click the link to learn more.

Nature's Defense

Gently and Naturally Keep Them Away!

All Organic Ingredients

Nature’s Defense Products – Safe to Use Around People, Pets & Plants!

Made with 100% Certified Organic Active Ingredients

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