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The Secret’s in the Granules

Big Bucks rely heavily on their olfactory sense, the sense of smell. Our formulations are derived from over 30 years of research and field study and Weiser Outdoor Group produces the best big buck attractant on the market. We target two natural behavioral methods already relevant in a big buck’s life, territory and mating. Its simple… bucks mark their territory to put the competition on notice and to let the ladies (doe) know they are around. On the other hand, the does go into estrus and let the bucks know they are ready to mate. We simply use the deer’s natural instincts to replicate the process to control the movement of the deer.

The idea is simple but replicating the process at the highest performance requires a lot of science, research and field study. Weiser Outdoor Group is proud to have developed the best attractants for your use and success.

Distinguishing Advantages of Granulated Scent

Relevant Stimulating Odor

Doesn’t Freeze

Won’t Evaporate

Doesn’t Dilute

Dissipates Slowly

Lasts Longer

All Organic

Works Better Than Anything


Buck Attractant Scent Granules

Works in All Weather Conditions

PeakRut All-Season and Doe-N-Heat Buck Attractants are supreme blends of quality tarsal, musk and other ingredients that are extremely attractive to whitetail bucks. It does not matter if it is pre-rut, peak rut or post-rut, our All-Season and Doe-N-Heat Scent Granules will continually attract bucks into your favorite hunting areas, increasing your chances for success.

Peak Rut

The Proof is in the Pictures

The Science of Attracting Big Bucks

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