Above: Mark Weiser, founder of Weiser Outdoors, held the buck in the area for over a week with the assistance of PeakRut scent granules.

As we begin to inch toward hunting season, we need to start focusing on how to bring big bucks into and around your stand sights.  By now, if you’re using trail cameras for your property, you have identified the shooter bucks in your area.  You know where the big bucks are bedding and where they are feeding.  You’ve been paying attention to predominant wind directions, deer corridors, and trails. You are now beginning to clear your shooting lanes and to consider tree stand placements. These are crucial preparations to having productive hunts this fall.  This leads us to a point where many of us look to enhance our scouting efforts using scents and attractants.  Weiser Outdoors has created a new type of buck scents (granulated) taking the science of scent to a new level.

Weiser Outdoors’ brand, PeakRut, comes in two variants: All-Season granulated scent and Doe-N-Heat granulated scent.  They contain supreme blends of quality tarsal, musk and other ingredients that are extremely attractive to whitetail bucks. It does not matter if it is pre-rut, peak rut or post-rut, the All-Season and Doe-N-Heat scent granules will continually attract bucks into your favorite hunting areas, increasing your chances for success.

Deer rely heavily on their sense of smell.  Just as we have broken down the olfactory system in fish, here, the olfactory system of a deer is, likewise, different from humans.  A deer’s nose has 297 million olfactory scent receptors, in comparison to humans that have 5 million.

Mark Weiser of Weiser Outdoors has built his products with this in-depth biological knowledge in mind. His granulated scent based formulas take into consideration the way a deer smells corresponding with the stage of the season the deer are in.  As with any doe-in-heat deer scent, it is typically used in the pre-rut or rut.  A doe-in-heat scent will entice and attract bucks where it is applied.

Furthermore, Weiser has taken into consideration weather and environmental factors when designing these products.  Conversely to liquid deer scents, PeakRut is granular.  This means that it will not evaporate nor dilute. It dissipates much more slowly causing it to last longer than liquids.  It is also made from organic, all-natural ingredients.


In review, 6 benefits that separate PeakRut All-Season and Doe-N-Heat granular buck scents:

  • Won’t Evaporate like liquids
  • Doesn’t Dilute in rain or snow
  • Dissipates Slowly
  • One application lasts up to 7 days
  • Made from Organic, all-natural ingredients
  • Proven results All-Season long




Weiser Outdoors offers deer and fish scents with proven results for both.  Learn more at www.weiseroutdoors.com.