Recently, we had a group of guided fisherman spend a day on Lake Erie with our Quick Catch Pro.  Quite literally, they walked away with coolers of fish within their allowable limits.  But did the use of Quick Catch Pro have any impact on that outcome? Here are some takeaways:

1. Perfect for Drifting

The fishermen used a burlap sack filled with Quick Catch Pro to create a powerful scent bag. This allowed them to float slowly and utilize a scent bag technique that has proven very successful.  As they drifted, the scent in the burlap sack was being evenly distributed throughout the water column.  As we have previously discussed, the way scent molecules move through water is slower than in air.  Without current, it takes a much longer amount of time for scent to distribute in water.  By drifting with the scent bag attached to the boat, the anglers were able to distribute a powerful scent stream over the intended area that they were fishing.  When they circled back to repeat the drift, they continued to distribute the scent which allowed them to reap the benefits of prior drifts.


2. Great for Pre-scenting

The Quick Catch Pro scent bag can be tied to a buoy or marker as well, which allows the angler to scent an area and return at a later time.  Pictured, Charter Captain Tom Goodrich is seen in the background holding the buoy that the scent bag was tied to.  In this immediate area, there was very little activity prior to dropping the buoy with the scent bag.  On the screen, you can see the amount of fish directly below the buoy that were attracted in and held by the scent bag when they returned approximately 30 minutes later.   The anglers found success pre-scenting areas with the scent bag attached to the buoy, and returning 30-60 minutes later to fish the area.

3. Killer in a stationary style of fishing

Whether you are anchored or bank fishing, investing time while the Quick Catch Pro formula gets fish excited is extremely beneficial.  If you’re running and gunning instead, this product may not align with your strategy.  However, if you truly understand the biology behind fish behavior; if you fish slowly and assess your surroundings; if you locate fish habitat, then Quick Catch Pro is a phenomenal tool for turning fish on.


Here’s one last giant from the successful trip!